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Crescend - 403-450 MHz, 100W Out Amplifier, P10 Series UHF


Crescend - 403-450 MHz, 100W Out Amplifier, P10 Series UHF

$ 1,620.74

P10 Series UHF

Amps are special order items - non-cancelable and non-returnable once ordered***

403-450 MHz - 100 Watts Output Power
Frequency Ranges:  403-450 MHz (UL)
Operating Voltage: +13.8 VDC
Current Draw: 26 Amperes (Max)
Duty Cycle: 100%
Power Input: See chart below
Power Output: 100 Watts, set at factory
Spurious & Harmonics: Meets FCC Requirements
Input/Output Impedance: 50 ohms (Nominal)
Load VSWR Tolerance: VSWR Protected
Indicator LEDs: DC On, Low Output, High VSWR, High Temp
Alarm: Summary Alarm Pin
Input/Output Connector: Type 'N' Female
Cooling Method: Fan Forced Air Over Heat sink
Operating Temp. Range: -300 C to +600 C
Storage & Transport: -400 C to +700 C
Humidity: 80% at +400 C (non-condensing)
Altitude: 10,000 feet maximum
Vertical Mounting: 7.0"
Horizontal Mounting: 19.0"
Depth: 6.0"
Weight: 10 pounds nominal

Model                          Required Power In 
P10-R1UL1-C5-001    100-200 mW 
P10-R2UL1-C5-001    200-500 mW 
P10-R5UL1-C5-001    500 mW-1 W 
P10-1UL1-C5-001      1-2 W 
P10-2UL1-C5-001      2-5W 
P10-5UL1-C5-001      5-10 W 
P10-10UL1-C5-001    10-20 W
P10-20UL1-C5-001    20-50 W