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Havis - CG-X ChargeGuard Select CG.X

Havis, Inc.

Havis - CG-X ChargeGuard Select CG.X

$ 94.54

Charge Guard, 12V Negative Ground Timer Switch CGX

The Havis ChargeGuard Select CG.X automatic on/off timer switch acts as a vehicle power management system by automatically turning on mobile equipment when starting the motor. The 12 volt negative ground ignition sensing timer switch is designed for two-way radios, mobile data terminals, laptop computers and other mobile computing devices.

The ChargeGuard delay timer switch has a selectable timeout delay. When turning the motor off, equipment can stay on from 5 seconds to infinity depending on what is programmed. This programmable timer delay switch comes pre-programmed with a two hour delay as the default setting.

This on/off timer switch wires directly to the battery or ignition switch in your vehicle. The ChargeGuard features your choice of sensing mode, automatic detection mode (AC), isolated alternator detection, voltage rise detection (DC only), or direct ignition mode (HL), depending on your preference.

The Havis ChargeGuard Select delivers higher productivity and lower maintenance costs for your two-way mobile communication.

  • Spike Protection
  • Depth
    3 7/8
  • Maximum Intermittent Amperage
    30 A
  • DC Input Voltage
    12 V
  • Maximum Continuous Amperage
    30 A
  • Ground Polarity
  • DC Input Voltage Range
    11-14 V
  • Item Height
    1.125 in
  • Item Width
    3.75 in
  • Delay Time
    From 5 seconds to Infinity
  • Connections
    +/- screw terminals
  • Isolated
  • Manufacturer
    Havis, Inc.