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Radwin, Inc. Dual Carrier Base Station Radio - RW-5BG5-0158


Radwin, Inc. Dual Carrier Base Station Radio - RW-5BG5-0158

$ 1,470.19

RADWIN MultiSector[tm] is an innovative base station solution for network operators, looking to provide MicroPoP broadband connectivity in locations sensitive to TCO. This includes areas beyond the network footprint with fewer customers such as rural villages, small business parks on the city outskirts or private network operations such as oil and gas fields and more.

RADWIN MultiSector is a unique, fully integrated dual-carrier PtMP base station that provides coverage of up to 360°. The MultiSector solution provides up to 1.5Gbps and assures low Capex and OpEx. It also outperforms omni antenna MicroPoP solutions that are highly sensitive to radio interference.

MultiSector is a self-contained base station that supports entry level and cost sensitive wide-scale deployments while significantly minimizing site complexity, tower space, installation time and cost, by reducing glue components on the tower. MultiSector can seamlessly scale up in capacity, number of sectors and the amount of customers served.

Highly flexible, the MultiSector architecture allows for a variety of external antenna connections to extend the customer reach or support self-backhaul.

MultiSector highlights

- 1.5Gbps dual carrier base station

- 180° coverage using two integrated 90° sector antennas

- Up to 360° coverage using an add-on MultiSector Antenna unit or 3rd party external antenna

- Built-in GPS

- Optional self-backhaul, no need for a PtP radio

- Single PoE or SFP port per site

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