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Ventev - TWS-240PLEN Plenum 50 Ohm Braided Cable


Ventev - TWS-240PLEN Plenum 50 Ohm Braided Cable

$ 3.64

Ventev's 240 Series Plenum Cable is designed with maximum flexibility, making difficult installation simple and timely where curves, bends or twists exist. The cable is constructed of a UV resistant polyethylene jacket which provides durability and protection from harsh environments. It is plenum rated and designed for any application requiring high-quality, flexible cabling. TerraWave's cable is compatible with a wide variety of TerraWave connectors and can be used for an off-the-shelf cable assembly or customized cable assembly.

Cable cannot be canceled or returned once cut to length**

Cable Type TWS-240PLEN
Dielectric Insulation FEP
Center Conductor Material Copper
Center Conductor Diameter .0625 in
Center Conductor Construction Solid
Nominal Core O.D. .172
Nominal O.D. .234 in
VOP 76 %
Nominal Capacitance (pF/ft) 25.38
Loss@ 50 Mhz 2.31
Loss @ 50 Mhz 2.31
Loss @ 50 MHz 2.31
Loss @ 900 MHz 10 dB
Sold By per foot
Other Spec Orange Jacket
Strip Tool HT-336A
Mfg. Warranty 7 Years
Same as standard cable but contains a weatherproofing compound around the foil & braid. This allows for continuous performance even if cable is damaged during installation. The Low loss, braided coaxial cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper products but with higher flexibility and simplified connectorization. Can be used in almost any application where handling characteristics, improved shielding and low loss is required. Similar to size to LMR-195/200 and uses standard connectors.


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