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Ventev 4in1 Slim Mobile Omni Antenna, 5G-ready - VL-UETG211O-SSM

$ 93.43

Ventev’s multi-band Slim Surface Mount line of antennas is among the smallest form-factor in the industry with highly efficient performance. The Slim Surface Mount antenna can support up to four individual antenna elements isolated from each other. It can have up to 2x ultra-wideband cellular antennas covering 600-7125MHz to support MIMO/diversity at 4G/5G as well as Wi-Fi 6E; 2x tri-band Wi-Fi antennas supporting 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz; and 1x high performing GNSS/GPS antenna. The high-quality design offers excellent gain and electrical specs in a compact form-factor. The rugged construction include UV stabilized cover, durable components with extended operating temperature range, IP66 rated to protect from rain, high-pressure wash, dust. Antennas comes with SMA leads for cellular and GPS antennas, and RP-SMA leads for Wi-Fi antennas.

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