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Ventev - I-Beam Industrial Low Profile WiFi Mount - TW-IBEAM-MNT-AP


Ventev - I-Beam Industrial Low Profile WiFi Mount - TW-IBEAM-MNT-AP

$ 182.63

Ventev - I-Beam Industrial Low Profile WiFi Mount - TW-IBEAM-MNT-AP

Ventev’s I-Beam Low Profile Industrial WiFi Mounting Solution is designed to allow mounting of a WiFi/wireless access point, bubble enclosure and an antenna to an I-Beam. This industrial mount can be deployed into either the vertical or horizontal plane. This new innovative mount is also equipped to accommodate a variety of Wi-Fi antennas.

Features  Can be used Indoor or Outdoor  Constructed of Corrosion Resistant 5052 Aluminum (Marine Grade)  Includes I‐Beam Clamps  Can accommodate I‐Beams from 3"‐10" in width  Can be mounted vertically or horizontally  4 slots to accommodate wire/cable to secure the bracket to the I‐beam should the I‐Beam clamps fail  Can accommodate bubble enclosures, all paint can antennas, all patch antennas that can use UNIV‐ART‐MOUNTT, and all screw mount omni antennas  Includes hole pattern to accommodate Cisco Access Points  Includes T‐Bar to accommodate most other Access Points  Pressed in corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts for easy installation of accessories