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Ventev - Powered Enclosure MDS Enclosure AC Only - VA09-12-ORBIT


Ventev - Powered Enclosure MDS Enclosure AC Only - VA09-12-ORBIT

$ 768.40

Ventev - Powered Enclosure MDS Enclosure AC Only - VA09-12-ORBIT

After you choose the radio, choose Ventev. Designed for the GE MDS Orbit radio deployments, this enclosure system is pre-engineered for faster, less expensive deployments, provides ample power and room for the Orbit radio, switches, media converters, and power converters. Designed to be flexible and easily accommodates optional components to manage hot or cold temperatures, networking equipment and power conversion equipment. Consult Ventev for assistance. System includes enclosure with backplate and DIN rail, wired for power and fused distribution, lightning arrestors and internal coax jumpers, and Ethernet cable.

Designed for long life using an industrial-grade enclosure protects equipment in harsh environments. The NEMA 4X enclosures come with latch locks to keep equipment safe and secure.

Engineered for performance, Ventev(R) Wireless Infrastructure's outdoor radio enclosures power and protect essential communications equipment, including MDS and other radios and cell modems, to enable SCADA, wireless backhaul and broadband communications. Pre-engineered systems lower your installation time and reduces maintenance and capital expenses.

  • Enclosure Mount Type
    Wall, Pole, Wall, Pole
  • Operating Temperature Range
    0-50 deg C
  • Maximum Power
    62 W
  • Enclosure Rating
    NEMA 4X
  • AC Input Voltage
    120 V
  • DC Input Voltage
    0 V
  • Crowbar Protection
  • AC Input Voltage Range
    90-264 V
  • Nominal DC Output Voltage
    12 V
  • Power Interface
    Terminal Block
  • Enclosure Type
  • Description
    Ventev's AC Enclosure System for GE MDS Orbit radio includes 18x16" NEMA 4X PC enclosure, 120VAC Input voltage includes at least 30W available for additional active equipment, aluminum backplate & DIN rail for add'l equipment mounting, integrated lightning arrestors and three internal coax jumpers.


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