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Wilson Electronics WilsonPro Pro Demo Kit - 620037

Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics WilsonPro Pro Demo Kit - 620037

$ 3,338.40

WILSONPRO's 620037 Pro Demo Kit comes with everything needed to provide on-site demonstrations of WilsonPro's latest in-building cell signal amplification technology for prospective customers. Designed for easy setup and quick takedown, the Pro Demo Kit allows sales representatives to perform a soft-install of the WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R amplifier system within 30 min or less. To help customers to better visualize the real-world impact of a WIlsonPro system within their weak signal environment, the kit features an RF signal meter for taking "before and after" readings during the on-site demonstration. The featured tripods allow for optimal mounting and positioning of the outside and inside antennas–all without the need to drill holes in walls. brbr WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R amplifier. Tripod-mounted outside and inside antennas. Rechargeable RF signal meter with cable adapter. 75 ft and 30 ft lengths of Wilson400 antenna cable. Pelican(TM) case with custom protective foam liner. Works with all phones and devices on all carriers.